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We have built our own sending infrastructure (Mail Transfer Agent) and unlike others we do not rely on third parties. We can guarantee error-free e-mail delivery.

Advanced marketing automation is the key feature of SmartEmailing. Communicate effectively with your customers based on their behavior, buying signals and custom data structures.

BETTER RESULTS AND HIGHER REVENUEwith advanced automation tool

Send e-mails reacting to customer’s browsing, trigger abandoned cart campaigns or initiate automated and personalized communication based on previous purchases. SmartEmailing will communicate for you using advanced automated scenarios.

We will make sure your campaigns generate revenue

Our certified e-mailing specialists will on their own or in collaboration with you and your creative agency: design your e-mail templates, help you with transfering your data from another tool, create your custom automation strategies or even take care of your whole e-mail marketing. They will also report the campaign results and suggest next steps.

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Drag&drop editor, contact management, automated communication. SmartEmailing offers a lot of features that will take your e-mailing to the next level.

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Take full advantage of SmartEmailing Pro and see how using the right tool can help your company grow.

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You can customize your templates with only a few clicks or we can design them for you

We regularly create new responsive templates which are available in the editor for free. Use our simple drag & drop editor to customize your e-mails. If you want to have your own custom template, we will be happy to design and encode it for you.

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Porovnání funkcí

Drag and drop editor Ano Ano
Responzivní e-mailové šablony zdarma Ano Ano
Základní automatizace (svátky, triggery, smart kampaně) Ano Ano
Pokročilá automatizace (editor scénářů, multikanálový opuštěný košík..) x Ano
Transakční SMS x Ano
FB a Sklik audience x Ano
Viber (za poplatek) x Ano
Základní A/B testování Ano Ano
A/B testování marketingových kanálů a automatických kampaní x Ano
Skloňování jmen a příjmení Ano Ano
Základní segmentace Ano Ano
Skórování kontaktů x Ano
Základní statistika e-mailu Ano Ano
Analýza DMARC reportů Ano Ano
Podpora na telefonu po-pá 9:00-16:00 Ano Ano
Vlastní account x Ano
GDPR a bezpečnost Ano Ano
API integrace Ano Ano

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