Antispam Policy

SmartEmailing is as a leading tool for e-mail marketing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also a leader in its antispam policy.

Spam is simply

All SmartEmailing clients agreed to an anti-spam policy and they acknowledge that if they violate any of the following rules, they will no longer be provided with the service without the right for compensation.

Own Built Database only

In accordance with European legislation, we allow to send business messages only to own customers or e-mail addresses with the given informed consent to the sending of business messages and consent to the processing of provided personal data. We do not support mailing to someone else’s purchased databases. Clients with the import of contacts confirm that they have the particular consents available.

Smart Database

Using the Unsubscribe Footer

The law requires using the unsubscribe link in every e-mail. To enable customers to easily unsubscribe, all clients use our prepared unsubscribe footer. The unsubscribe link must be clearly marked with the text leading to the logout page and it has to have a visible colour and font.

According to European legislation, this e-mail is a message from which you can unsubscribe here.

This e-mail is addressed to the owner of the e-mail address: and the sender for SmartEmailing (SmartSelling a.s. with registered office: Netroufalky 797/5, 625 00 Brno, Identification Number: 29210372) is:

Označení odesílatele

of the Sender

Each campaign must include identification of the sender to let the customer know who is writing to them.

Do not use only a company name if your website or service has a different name. It is in your interest for your customer to associate your e-mail with the person to whom they have given their consent.

Marking the Business Message

According to the law every business message must be marked.

Do not put “business message” to the subject of the e-mail. The following text: “This e-mail is a business message according to the law”, is already in our footer. If you do not delete it intentionally, you do not have to deal with anything.

No Spam
Even Within the Law

– work with database

We guide all our clients to working correctly with their databases by segmenting the contacts according to interests and activity. We also consider sending e-mails 5 times a day to the entire database to be spam, even if you have a consent to send business messages.

What are we tracking?

All of the above rules are used to ensure maximum delivery for your campaigns. If you have any questions about our antispam, please write to us at: