By cooperating we do not only mean a stable background for a reliable tool for smart e-mailing, developed on the basis of modern trends and needs of our customers, but also sharing our know-how from the number one position in e-mail marketing automation and deliverability on the Czech market.

Tomáš Vacek


“For a long time, we had been looking for a partner on the Czech market that would be able to provide a multichannel presentation so that it effectively fulfills our business marketing strategies which we prepare for our clients. SmartEmailing is a real partner for me and I can highly recommend it.”

David Krištof


“I highly recommend you to use SmartEmailing which went through a really tough tender with us, including a comparison with well-known corporate solutions. They won in the price-performance ratio. All our requirements are not a problem for the people form SmartEmailing but rather a challenge.”

Martina Cílková

National Theatre

“For me, SmartEmailing is a shining example how a progressive Czech technological company should work. They try to understand their client, to meet their needs, to bring ideas and inspiration and at the same time to help them where they could drown themselves…”

“All this is wrapped in positive atmosphere and pleasant communication, despite the overwork and hustle and bustle of the critical years 2020/2021.”

Daniel Kotlaba


“The cooperation with SmartEmailing is absolutely perfect for us. They try to meet our needs so we are able to adapt to our clients.”

Stanislava Mrázková

Podnikání z pláže

“We hadn´t have a tool for an effective contact management and e-mail marketing for a long time. Then we switched to SmartEmailing and we use it every day. We work with lists, statistics, evaluate campaign success and optimize our e-mail marketing. I definitely recommend the application to both the beginners and even those with advanced requirements.”
Logo PZP

Radovan Ivánek


“We dealt with a high quality communication with our external partners and an increase in sales activities. Thanks to SmartEmailng we have solved both of these areas well. New clients also receive an automatic campaign thanks to which we have reduced the number of processed calls and enquiries.”

Jakub Roun

Salvation Army

“We started using SmartEmailing in the field of fundraising. By regular newsletters we communicate with our donors and inform them about our collections and projects. Thanks to regular communication, we managed to activate this segment of supporters more and obtain considerable funds for our activities. Based on this experience and thanks to a user friendly environment of SmartEmailing, we are gradually starting to use its further potential for internal communication among employees.”
Armáda spásy

Petr Kovařík

Pražská Čokoláda

“I am the director of the company Pražská čokoláda (Prague Chocolate). We use SmartEmailing to communicate with our clients and to operate the e-shop. Thanks to the fact that they helped us with setting up templates and other settings, we gained almost 60% open rate. This ensured our subsequent sale on the e-shop. The reason we use SmartEmailing is its simplicity and customer support. It is amazing that the people who work there love it and are always happy to advise.”

Pražská čokoláda logo 150

Roman Kučera

“We have been using SmartEmailing on daily basis over 6 years. Colleagues from PR department use it mainly for communication with media and for sending newsletters to the clients. We have tried a lot of solutions and we are sure that SmartEmailing is easy to use; it works properly and has clear statistics. I personally like GDPR compliance.”

Karel Fiala

Professional Photographer

“A lot of things can be solved in SmartEmailing by automation, but you can still have a control over them. It´s a great help!”

Robert Kleiner

S1W s.r.o.

I would like to thank to SmartEmailing team for a gear cooperation that leads to results.

It is not difficult to send a bulk e-mail today. However, it is great to please your customer´s eye with a delicious offer of goods that will make them happy.

Mgr. Jakub Hofmann MBA


“I really appreciate the cooperation. SmartEmailing is a nice group of people who always try to meet the needs of the customer as much as possible. They prepared a turnkey solution for us, from graphic processing of an e-mail template to a new function of so-called landing pages. Thanks to them anyone from any device can access the content of the message without the need to be connected to the corporate intranet.”

Roman Kopřiva


“Thanks to the use of SmartEmailing and its functions I have increased the annual turnover from 200,000 CZK to almost 2 million CZK in two years.”
AApyro logo

Tomáš Dominec

“Working with SmartEmailing is easy, fast and reliable. We have moved our e-mail marketing to higher level. We can see who reads our messages and how many times. We know who didn´t get the message and why.”
Ví logo

Zdeňka Sobotová


“I am in charge of taking care of our donors. We help adults, children and seniors in various life crises. We operate in 153 locations in the Czech Republic and in 10 other countries. SmartEmailing helps us provide feedback to our donors. We appreciate an excellent customer support. We get a quick and helpful answer to any question we have. We really enjoyed the introductory training. We learned how to orient to the system; they helped us to record the contacts. We saved a lot of troubles with them.”

Logo Diakonie

Lucie Vincencová


As an e-mail administrator in the Czech News Centre I am very satisfied with the cooperation with SmartEmailing. I positively appreciate their active and helpful approach in solving all our requirements as well as their high commitment and willingness to help to solve individual steps in the migration. The first ones transferred and launched automatically in SmartEmailing were evaluated very positively by the CNC – it was appreciated by co-workers across the entire company. At the same time, we really appreciate their consultation and help in data migration which is not the easiest in the company as large as CNC and cannot be without complications.

With a partner like SmartEmailing we are sure that we can manage everything and we believe that together we will move the operation of our mailing to a higher level in the future.”

Anna Brixová

People in Need

“Even People in Need cannot do without e-mail marketing. However, in our e-mails you will not see any items that you might like or those in abandoned cart. We write to our donor about destinies of the people which we together helped to change for better. We invite teachers or teachers´ assistants to free professional training. We show the local authorities what we have accomplished, sometimes with their help, in their district. SmartEmailing is a reliable tool that makes this communication much easier for us. Thanks to the willing support and human approach of SmartEmailing employees, we can always solve our every need even if it is sometimes a bit special. Thank you!”

Jana Kopecká

Owner of the e-shopu

“I can highly recommend the cooperation with SmartEmailing. They have great ideas that can inspire you and, above all, they can implement them very well. They are very creative and always help even the smaller e-shop like us. Their automation is a great bridge between an e-shop and a customer and keeps the customers in touch with the e-shop. They can create big things even for smaller customers :-).”

Dětská hra logo

Marek Šnajdr


“We were looking for a suitable e-mailing assistant, SmartEmailing enchanted us with its simplicity, speed and reliability. Whenever we cannot handle something, they are always willing to help with their customer support.

After a year of testing, we decided to go one step further and switched to our own template, which was also designed by SmartEmailing. While consulting the new template we also received some recommendations which we are gradually going to implement together.

If you are hesitant about choosing an e-mailing tool, we can recommend SmartEmailing. It is a pleasure to work with such a partner.”

Jakub Čižmař

E-mail specialist and strategist

“I have been cooperating with SmartEmailing since 2011 (it’s been 10 years already?). On my very first blog, I wanted to have an e-mail collection and an automated campaign. When I later started offering my services as an e-mail marketing consultant, SmartEmailing has become my everyday partner with whom I have been cooperating to this day. I especially appreciate the personal approach and progressive approach and the willingness to help whenever needed. I am very happy that we have a world class e-mailing tool with a Czech support. They move forward, constantly add new features, improve the whole tool. I can highly recommend it…”
Jakub Čižmař logo

Jana Vytisková


“Cooperation with SmartEmailing has kicked us up to the right direction! It has been more than 9 years since SmartEmailing has become our partner in online business and we don´t regret it. It´s not just a useful and effective tool for sending newsletters and what´s more they are a group of great people who never let you in trouble. They have an unrivalled knowledge of the Czech environment so you can be sure that they will deliver your emails to the right place and in a right way. And when it goes wrong somehow, a phone call is enough and they help immediately. Thank to this good experience we can recommend SmartEmailing to anyone who wants their emails not to end up in the trash but to start to make money.”

Michaela Purová


“As a part of testing we sent e-mails from SmartEmailing to part of our database and the open rate was almost 70% higher than with our existing e-mail solution.”