Automation of Customer Experience

E-mailing usually generates the largest share of turnover. Classic newsletters generate only 15 % from this package.

Automated campaigns, that respond to customer behaviour in real time, have the greatest share in success.

Key component of the SmartEmailing application is advanced e-mail automation. Communicate with your customers effectively on the basis of their behaviour
and shopping signals.

Through automation YOU CAN DO MORE

Send e-mails reacting to customer’s browsing, trigger abandoned cart campaigns or initiate automated and personalized communication based on previous purchases. SmartEmailing will communicate for you using advanced automated scenarios.

Take Advantage of the Synergy of Marketing Channels

You can accompany the customer by e-mail throughout the shopping process. For each phase of See – Think – Do – Care, a different way of addressing is suitable and you can supplement an e-mail in it through different marketing channel: Facebook, Sklik, Viber, etc.

The Personalization You Have Desired

Automatic scenarios and beautiful e-mails are just the beginning. Make each campaign perfectly personalized and send your customers exactly what they want and when they want it.

E-mail Marketing Automation in Points:

The Most Popular Automatic Scenarios:

Name days, Anniversaries

Welcome Series

Upsell, crossell

Reactivation Campaign

Abandoned Carts/Categories

Let the Automation
Work for You

On the basis of your requirements and available data we will be happy to prepare for you an individual scenario tailored to your needs.

We will also advise you other marketing channels that you can conveniently connect to the SmartEmailing application and your campaigns will suddenly be more effective.