Integrations, API documentation and online data synchronization.

API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface through which two or more applications can communicate with each other and exchange data. It allows you to control the SmartEmailing application remotely without having to log in. SmartEmailing API enables two-way communication.

API Documentation, API Client

We have rich and well-documented API, including copy paste examples of the most common cases for developers. Two-way communication is possible in real time through webhooks. Complete documentation is available here.

Ready-made integrations

At the request of our customers, we have created several dozens of integrations on various e-shop platforms, CRM and ERP solutions, which you can now use as well. The connection is really simple. We also provide integration for the integration platforms of Zapier and Integromat, through which hundreds of other applications are available for communication. We are still working on further integration. You can find more info about specific integrations on the SmartEmailing integrations overview page.

API Consultations

Thanks to detailed API documentation, the actual connection to SmartEmailing is a matter of a maximum of several hours. However, if you are preparing a more advanced connection or you are not sure about something, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss specific examples, selected API methods and data sources with you.

David Šarík